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Special Interest Vehicle Scheme (SIVS) concessional registration

SIVS registration (informally known as Club Rego or Historic Rego) allows the restricted use of historic motorcycles at a concessional rate of registration. Conditions of use are clearly stated on the application form and is available from the Queensland Transport & Main Roads webite. It is the onus of the registered owner to familiarise themselves and comply with these restrictions.  TMR requires the registered owner to sign off on such conditions before any application is processed.

SIVS is available to financial members of the DOCQ.  To qualify for SIVS registration your motorcycle must be at least 30 years old and its owner a current financial member of the DOCQ.  In support of a member’s initial application for a SIVS registration, he/she must obtain a Letter of Authenticity from the DOCQ Historic Registrar to provide to TMR.  Owners then must maintain their DOCQ membership for the SIVS registration to remain valid.

To provide a letter of authenticity for SIVS registration, the Historic Registrar requires his/her membership number plus the following; 

  • Members name & address
  • Ducati model & year of manufacture
  • Ducati frame & engine numbers

Ideally, a bike is to be viewed before a letter will be issued.  Where this is not possible, e.g country members, this info may be obtained from an existing rego slip.  As there is no app for this process, it may take a week for the member to receive the Letter of Authenticity, allowing for postal delivery. 

At the time of writing, minimum 30 y.o. Ducatis include all bevel singles & twins, Pantahs, F1s, white framed SS and the first 851 superbikes, among others.  Any member that wishes to apply for concessional SIVS rego should contact the DOCQ Historic Registrar for assistance with their application (go to the Extended Committee page for their details).

For information about the 2019 changes to the SIVS regulations relating to individual Impromptu Rides go to SIVS Policy & App Instructions.

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