All Ducati Track Day 30th Sept - Update

10th Jul 2017 at 10:05am

Entries are open for current DOCQ members to priority enter our All Ducati Track Day at Morgan Park, at a discount and securing a free covered (shared) garage.  Grab one of the limited spots now before it's opened to all Ducatisiti.  If you haven't tried a track day before this is an ideal opportunity to put your toe in the water. Ride at your own pace and experience your bike in controlled conditions, professionally managed by the Motorcycle Sportsmens Club of Qld. It's not a race day but an experience for all to enjoy at different skill levels, in a relaxed environment. So come along and participate in what should be a memorable day for DOCQ  Members. 

Note the following for registration details: 

·         Go to to register by following the prompts:

1.       At the home screen - Click on -  Online Entry

2.       Click on - ENTER HERE

3.       Log in (if you have not previously Logged in, go to Forgot Password and use the email address that you supplied to the DOCQ on your Membership Applicaton to reset your password)

4.       Click on – Open Events

5.       You should see –September 30th Track Day – Click on ENTER and follow the prompts.

In summary, the cost is $195 for members + a day license of $30. Additionally, a $50 transponder fee is paid by you upfront  and you will be refunded to your bank account.

The garages/carport cost of $50 will be paid by the club as a benefit to members so you don't need to book one unless you want your own (the free club ones will be shared)

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