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The Ducati Owners Club of Queensland members take pride in the 40 year history of the DOCQ, new members always bring fresh ideas and inspire the club to evolve and grow for everyone. By joining you will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of other Ducati riders at various social activities like popular day rides, night rides for dinner or coffee and a relaxed chat, meetings, tack days and Ducati events.

Club Trailers

The club owns two trailers available for the free use of current members,  one is a heavy duty 3 bike trailer and the other is an older 7x5 box trailer which has removable rails which can be used to transport bikes (though it often gets used for moving furniture, gravel and dump runs nowadays!)  Phone or text Ian on 0407069427 or email imurray@harso.com.au

Members must fill out and sign this form http://www.docq.com.au/modules/library/download.php?download_file=173

Group Rides

THE INS & OUTS OF GROUP RIDES with the Ducati Owners Club of Queensland.

Group Rides are the most frequent club activity and are usually one-day, Sunday events with the idea being to indulge in a bit of safe, legal, riding fun and a lot of socializing. These rides are open to all members and friends, solo rider or with a pillion, any level of experience and any class of motorcycle.

A typical ride starts at a venue such as service station that’s strategically located in the general geographic area of the planned route. This is an opportunity to fuel up, check tyre pressures and kick-start yourself with a coffee. Then it’s off on about a two hour ride out of Brisbane for lunch at a motorcycle friendly pub, with a morning tea / fuel /comfort stop along the way.

Some DOCQ fixed rides on the calendar include the Australia Day weekend (January) Bevel ‘n Bullshit (April), Queen’s Birthday (June) and the Australian Moto Giro (August or September). Check the Club Calendar for all other pre-planned rides and also the Members’ Bulletin Board for more spontaneous outings and while you’re at it, take a look at the Photo Gallery for shots from all our rides and events.

DOCQ - Group Riding Etiquette

To get the most out of the Ride and ensure everyone gets there and back safe ‘n sound, here are a few guidelines.

    Make sure your machine is roadworthy. Keep it properly serviced, check operation of lights, horn, kill switch, brakes, fluid levels, tyre condition and pressures, etc.
    Arrive about 30 minutes before the actual ride start. This gives time to grab a coffee, check tyre pressures and fuel up. There’ll be planned re-fuel stops along the way and it pays to take advantage of these and top-up so as to avoid any inconvenience because you’ve run dry.
    Pay attention to the Pre-ride Briefing. You’ll get all the clues on the route, meeting points, fuel stops and any potential hazards.
    Keep a “buffer zone” between yourself and other riders (2-3 seconds is ideal) and adopt a “staggered”, left / right positioning within the lane to increase visibility and rider spacing but still keep sufficient “buffer” to allow the rider to your left or right to move into your path to avoid a hazard. Stay out of the middle of the lane to avoid the “greasy strip” and to prevent peppering other riders with the loose stones and debris thrown there by cars.
    Ride at a speed that is within your own abilities, the conditions and the characteristics of the road. This is a ride not a race. If someone catches you in the corners, don’t try to outrun them on the straights or accelerate hard when they try to overtake – let them pass safely. If you’re the one catching up, don’t pressure the rider in front and risk spooking them into an accident by riding up their backside – back off and overtake when it’s safe to do so.
    No matter how good you think you are, you have no idea about your fellow riders’ capabilities, so don’t get off to a bad start. Avoid an “oh shit” situation, by starting towards the back of the group until you get things sussed. Look, listen and learn from the other riders. If you’re keeping up OK then move slowly and safely through the pack until you find someone who rides at your pace and this will generally be a good spot to stay.
    These positions are set at the beginning of each ride day. Usually, it’s the ride day contact person who leads the ride. Depending on rider numbers and before the ride kicks off, the Leader may ask for a volunteer to be Sweeper. The Sweeper rides at the back of the pack so as to “sweep up” all lost and wandering souls along the way to the destination. A ride ends officially at the nominated destination and for the return journey, riders are free to make their own way home, but as a safety measure we ask riders to leave in groups or to at least have a ride buddy.
    When the Leader pulls over for any reason, such as on a big ride with lots of direction changes, just do as he does. If he stays in the saddle and leaves his gear on, then that usually means you’ll be moving again soon.
    Remember this is supposed to be FUN. Be patient, consider your fellow riders, stay alert and ride safely. That way everyone gets back home happy and in one piece.
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